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sifter is designed to simplify the telemedicine experience.  you should be able to easily find online health providers that offer services designed for you.  We are here to connect you to the right care that fits your needs.

it’s your health, so be picky about it

the phrase “one-size fits all” may apply to socks… but not to your health.  If you want an acne cream for $40 that ships to Pennsylvania in 3-5 days with no delivery fee, THAT’S OK!  Be specific and we will help you find the telemedicine providers that match your needs, wants and desires.
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facebook, instagram and tv ads OH MY.  You are constantly bombarded with cheeky marketing and quirky videos explaining why their online health provider is the best.  Cut out theBS and compare telemedicine providers side-by-side with unbiased facts and information about their service offerings.
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